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How long can a personal injury lawsuit take?

Submitted By: Sharon (Philadelphia, PA)

I signed a lease to rent a home with some written conditions of hanging light fixtures and several other things. I was given permission from the landlord to come in and clean up even before the lease began.

A few days later I and several others came and began cleaning. While hanging a shower curtain (standing on the side of the tub) I noticed one screw was holding in the light fixture. I proceeded to continue doing what I was doing making a mental note to report this to the landlord.

The light fixture then fell down causing me to fall up against the door injuring my back and neck. Needless to say I never moved in, there were just too many problems discovered in the home.

The landlord and his insurance company refused to pay my medical bills. I filed a lawsuit because the statue of limitations was going to run out (this incident happened 5 years ago), and now depositions have been taken. The defendants are saying my injuries were incurred previously in my life and refuse to pay my medical bills. I am a 57 yr old women. It’s just a very long process.

I’m wondering how much longer I’ll have to tolerate this? Shouldn’t they automatically pay since I was injured on my landlord’s property?

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Dear Sharon,

Regrettably there isn’t an “automatic pay” for anyone in personal injury cases.

Instead you will need to continue the process of litigation. Although in the facts you present you don’t mention whether you are represented by an attorney, if you are we urge you to follow his or her advice. We have a strict policy of not interfering with the attorney-client relationship.

If you aren’t represented by counsel you can expect your case to continue for a substantially longer amount of time. If you are only at the deposition stage it will be a while before you get to trial. Normally once depositions are taken both sides must wait for the court reporter to type up the transcripts and prepare them for the review and signatures of those deposed. That can take some time.

Once you receive the transcript of your deposition you will be afforded adequate time to review it and to make any changes to your sworn testimony.

There is a possibility once the depositions are completed a settlement can take place.

Many lawsuits are settled during, or just after depositions have been taken. That occurs because once both sides hear the sworn testimonies of the parties involved, the attorneys usually have a much better idea of how strong their individual cases are. Once they know that they often don’t want to waste the time and expense of going through a trial which will inevitably lead to the same result.

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The above is general information. Laws change frequently, and across jurisdictions. You should get a personalized case evaluation from a licensed attorney.

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