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Injured Toe in Grocery Store…

Submitted By: Anonymous (USA)

I injured my toe at a large grocery chain. There was a store employee who was a witness and immediately came over to assist me. I notified the store manager who notified (I believe) the store director. They gave me a chair to sit in and the store director had me fill out an accident report.

My toe began swelling so they grabbed a camera and took pictures of it right away. I went home and immediately put ice on it to get the swelling down. It was difficult to walk for a few weeks because of the soreness. The store’s liability department called me and took a statement and said they would investigate it.

It’s been almost a month and I haven’t heard anything from the store. Should I contact a personal injury attorney? Thanks.

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Dear Anonymous,

You don’t really have a case. “Stubbing your toe” is not grounds for a settlement or a lawsuit. Even though your toe swelled and you had difficulty walking, without medical bills, there isn’t any basis upon which the store owner can rationalize paying you.

You say they took your statement, took photographs, and created an incident report.

They did so because it’s probably written into their store management policy guidelines. They never know when an injury may be serious, and as a result must document every injury, whether real, or imagined.

One of the problems with our society today is too many people thinking they are owed something, or should be paid some sort of compensation even for the slightest of injuries…like stubbing their toe.

People should think about maintaining their dignity more than trying to make a “fast buck”. There are so many more important matters to be concerned with other than waiting for a store to call back with an offer of riches.

The personal injury legal proces is not a lottery system. Too many people think minor injuries are likened to a winning lottery ticket. They aren’t!

Our court systems are clogged with lawsuits, many of them frivolous. As a result stores such as the one in which you stubbed your toe have to keep expensive attorneys on retainer. And who do you think pays for those attorneys? The answer is we all do! The costs of attorneys fees are passed down to the consumer. That causes higher prices and increases inflation.

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