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Is Georgia a No Fault State?

Submitted By: Pamela (Chicago, IL)

My son was involved in a car accident with his friend in Georgia. There were no other cars involved. The friend ran into a tree and totaled the car, then left my son with injuries to his back and a few cuts and bruises.

How will my son be compensated for his injures in the state of Georgia? Is Georgia a no fault state? What is the limit of liability in Georgia? Thank you.

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Dear Pamela,

The State of Georgia is NOT a No-Fault car insurance liability state.

Therefore, there aren’t any restrictions on the amount your son can sue for (if necessary), nor does he have to turn to his own insurance company for compensation. His action will be against the friend and his insurance company.

The State of Georgia doesn’t have any limit of liability for a personal injury case. The amount of compensation will be directly proportionate to the severity of your son’s injuries, his medical bills, out of pocket expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Any action your son takes against his friend will have to be in the State of Georgia. Hopefully the negotiations can be fully resolved over the telephone.

Make sure your son is fully healed before agreeing to any final settlement. Depending on the length and breadth of your son’s injuries, resultant treatment and costs, the amount of his demand should be an extrapolation of his medical bills, or of the amount of time he will be in treatment.

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  1. Carey says:

    I was in a limousine and another driver hit us. The limousine insurance company only offering me$5000 but my medical bills are $9000.

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