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Liability for my dog biting a pizza delivery man?

Submitted By: E (North Carolina)

I have a Boxer who has never showed any aggression and does not have a history of biting. We had a pizza delivered today and my dog got out of the front door and walked up to the delivery guy. I grabbed him by the collar and the pizza guy jumped back and said “WHOA”. My dog then bit him on the knee.

I got put the dog away and apologized. The pizza guy said no problem, he was fine. I asked him to make sure. He showed a tiny hole in his jeans and I offered to pay for them. He said no that they were old. He then made 2 more deliveries before returning to work.

Once he returned, he called to say he had a nasty gash and was going to urgent care in another town about 20 miles away, closer to where he lived. I have called my renter’s insurance but am worried about my responsibilities and about the future of my dog.

What am I in for? I am in NC. Also, is he eligible for workers compensation benefits? Thanks.

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Dear E,

You are liable for the injuries your Boxer caused to the deliveryman. Here’s some information about liability for dog attacks.

Your liability attaches because of the legal doctrine of premises Liability. Under premises liability you, as the renter, and the property owner can be liable (legally responsible) for injuries and property damage caused by the dog.

Under premises liability a renter and owner of real property have a legal duty to do everything within reason to be sure the premises is safe for those who legally enter onto the property.

Depending upon the type of renter’s insurance you have, you may be covered for the injury. It is up to the deliveryman whether or not he wants to seek compensation from the owner.

The pizza delivery man will be covered by his employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.

Workers’ comp covers employees who are injured while in the performance of their work duties.

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