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Medical Bills from Domestic Abuse…

Submitted By: Sabrina (Valparaiso, Indiana)

My ex-boyfriend punched me in the face and broke my nose 3 years ago. His brother convinced him to take me to the hospital. The nurses and doctor all asked me what had happened (I knew they suspected something). They asked if it was my boyfriend who had hit me.

On the way to the hospital my boyfriend had told me not to say anything or he would do something worse afterwards. I did as instructed by him, I told all of the nurses and doctor I had fallen down the stairs. I had to get stitches and had a broken nose.

I unfortunately did not have insurance at the time and 3 years later I’m still paying for the injury and hospital costs.

I have moved out of the state and am no longer afraid of my ex-boyfriend. I was afraid he would do something or have his friends do something to me if I had said something about this earlier. This happened on November 2, 2008. I still am in debt because of these bills.

Is there any way to make him pay them or even at least half of them? I regret not saying something when I was younger but I am now 24 and have a better understanding of what was going on (domestic abuse). Thank you for your help.

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Dear Sabrina,

There may be a way for you to be compensated and reimbursed for your injuries.

In the State of Indiana the Criminal Law Statute of Limitations (or time period) in which a person can be arrested or indicted for a felony assault case is 5 years.

The Statute of Limitations for suing your boyfriend in civil court is 2 years.

Contact the District Attorney’s Office or local police department. Tell them your boyfriend assaulted you and broke your nose. Tell them you were hospitalized as a result of the assault. If the District Attorney’s Office will agree to accept your case and issue a warrant for your ex-boyfriend’s arrest, you may have a way to cause him to pay you.

If the DA’s Office takes the case and arrests him he may be able to plea bargain the case to probation. If so, a stipulation of probation may be to pay your medical bills. If he fails to pay he may be arrested for violating his probation.

Learn more here: Legal Recourse for Domestic Violence

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