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Minor rear-end collision with a pregnant woman…

Submitted By: Alice (Houston)

At 7:30am I was driving and bumped into another car driven by a pregnant lady (at least 8-9 months pregnant). Both vehicles were stopped (not a traffic light or stop sign). We were both between the median trying to merge onto a 2 lane road.

While both vehicles were stopped, waiting for traffic to allow us to merge, I let go of the brake to allow my car to move forward, and slightly pressed the gas. I thought a school bus that was behind me was going to bump into me.

The school bus also got between the median to merge onto the 2 lane street.

Once I bumped the car in front, we both got out of the vehicles and I asked her if she was ok. She said “yes”.

She also asked if I was ok and I said “yes”. I looked at my vehicle for damage, but there was none.

I looked at her bumper and there was no damage.

I asked her if she saw any damage to her car (if she did, I would have asked her to point it out).

She said she did not see any damage.

I asked her if she wanted to make a police report.

She said since there is no damage she did not want to call the police.

I then took pictures of her bumper and the front of my vehicle. She did ask me for my driver’s license and insurance information.

At 10:30 my insurance company called and advised that the pregnant lady had filed a claim. She went to the hospital to get checked out.

This is all the information that was given to my husband. I called my insurance company to give my statement and to submit the photos I had taken at the scene.

Can this turn into a “scam,” or can it be legit that she got injured from a bump while both cars were at 0 miles an hour? Is there anything I should do? Thank you.

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Dear Alice,

At this point there is no evidence of a “scam.” Moreover, it is likely a scam will not occur. Any collision between two or more cars results in shock to the drivers and passengers. Shock can vary from the very mild, to extreme trauma.

Shock is a natural reaction. It is difficult to think clearly moments after a collision. The brain is making thousands of calculations per second, and adrenaline is pumping throughout the body. Adrenaline often temporarily masks pain.

Because the woman said she didn’t want to file a police report doesn’t mean she later was attempting a scam by going to the hospital to be checked out for possible injuries to her and her baby.

She may have spoken with her husband, the father of the baby, family members, or friends who advised her to be immediately checked out at a local medical clinic or hospital emergency room. Doing so is only natural for a woman who is in her third trimester.

Hopefully, the woman and her baby didn’t sustain any injuries. If so, you (or rather, your insurance company) will likely only be responsible for the medical bills related to her having been checked out by the doctor at the medical clinic or hospital.

When it comes to liability in car collisions, the driver behind is almost always liable for property damage and personal injuries resulting from the collision. Contact your own insurance company immediately. Give them the details of the collision. Your policy very likely requires you to notify them in the event of an accident.

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