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Missed School Due to Car Accident…

Submitted By: Kecia (Jacksonville, FL)

I was involved in an a car accident where I was a passenger in my aunt’s car. We were hit from behind and my aunt’s car was totaled. I was a full time student when the accident happened and was unable to continue my studies due to injuries. I was obtaining my A.S. in Surgical Technology and I’d already paid for the term I was unable to complete.

My bills got backed up and I was forced to go back to work, but I was let go due to missing too much time because of doctors’ appointments. Both parties in the accident (my aunt and the at-fault driver who hit us) have full coverage auto insurance.

I’m trying to figure out how much compensation I should be able to receive and what I should do next? Thanks.

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Dear Kecia,

Because of the severity of the collision the police were probably dispatched to the scene. Get a copy of the Police Report. In it you’ll find the at-fault driver’s insurance information.

Contact her insurance company and file a claim. The at-fault driver should have already contacted her insurance company. Either way make sure there is a claim filed and a claim number assigned. Hold onto the claim number. It’s important and will be used as a reference each time you speak with the insurance company.

At the same time contact your aunt’s insurance company. She also should have already contacted her insurance company. Make sure a claim exists with a claim number.

You do not have to tell one insurance company you are also negotiating a claim with another insurance company. It really isn’t any of their business.

Make sure the insurance companies, through their Claims Adjusters, are willing to pay for all of your medical bills, called “Hard Costs”. Tell each of them you have suffered the loss of a job and along with it the loss of income.

If you don’t have any injuries which required medical treatment it will be more difficult to convince either insurance company to pay you for your troubles.

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