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Neighbor’s dog bit me in my yard…

Submitted By: Patsy (Tyler, Texas)

I was outside on my property when a neighbor’s dog came into my yard. I tried to shoo it out of my yard and it bit my hand, causing it to bleed, and also knocking me off my feet, causing tendon damage in my knee.

I called the police and they took a statement. I went to the emergency room and got treated for the bite on my hand and torn ligaments in my knee. At first I tried to find an attorney that takes dog bites, but found nobody so I quit trying.

How long do I have to file suit in a dog bite case in Texas? If I can sue, who do I call? I tried to get the dog owner to help me with my medical bills but she was very rude and told me to sue her. I just couldn’t find anyone to take a dog bite case. This happened about 4 yrs ago, maybe a little longer. Thank you very much.

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Dear Patsy,

From the facts you present, it would appear the dog owner may have violated Texas law. Under Title 10 Chapter 822 (a) of Texas Health and Safety Code Regulation of Animals…

“(a) The owner, keeper, or person in control of a dog or coyote that the owner, keeper, or person knows is accustomed to run, worry, or kill livestock, domestic animals, or fowls may not permit the dog or coyote to run at large.”

Title 10 Chapter 822 (a) of Texas Health and Safety Code

Unfortunately, the state of Texas, like all other states, has a legal time period in which an injured person must either settle his or her personal injury claim or file a lawsuit against the person whose negligence caused the injury.

Once that time expires, the victim loses his or her legal right to further pursue compensation against the negligent party. This time period is referred to as there Statute of Limitations.

The Statute of Limitations in Texas for personal injury claims is two (2) years. To read the Statute go to:

Your injuries took place four years ago.

Unfortunately, the Texas Statute of Limitations has long expired. Unless you can convince the dog owner to voluntarily compensate you, and that is very unlikely, you have no apparent practical or legal recourse.

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The above is general information. Laws change frequently, and across jurisdictions. You should get a personalized case evaluation from a licensed attorney.

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