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No Settlement from Workers Comp Until I Get a Job?

Submitted By: Anonymous (Louisiana)

I was injured in 2008 with a damaged bicep tendon and herniated disc (5-6 cervical disc). I’ve had three surgeries to my right shoulder to move the bicep tendon, closed manipulation, and acdf. I was an LPN when injured and I have reached MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement). I took the FCE (Functional Capacity Exam) with findings of at most light duty.

I was given a vocational rehab person to help me find a job. I have searched since the end of July and I haven’t found anything yet. I was told by vocational rehab not to tell potential employers I’m on light duty, but most applications I’ve filled out ask if you have any physical limitations.

I’m receiving $1,044 every 2 weeks which they will end on December 1st. I just want to settle and they want to wait until I get a job. What do I do? Do you really have to get a job in order for workers comp to settle with you?

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Dear Anonymous,

You do not have to wait until you have a new job before settling your workers compensation case. If your rehabilitation has completed, and there aren’t any further medical, chiropractic, or other costs related to your treatment, you should be in a position to settle your case rather quickly.

If you are represented by an attorney ask her to finalize the case. If you aren’t, contact your Workmans Compensation Claims Adjuster and tell her you want to settle the case. It is your injury, your case, and your money. There isn’t any logical reason for you not to be able to settle your case when you are ready. There is no legal or practical reason you must wait any longer.

Be very careful though that you don’t settle your case until your injuries are fully treated and you are completely satisfied. If you settle too early you will probably not be able to go back and reopen your case.

Learn more here: Permanent Partial Disability Claims

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2 thoughts on “No Settlement from Workers Comp Until I Get a Job?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I hurt my back at work in 2004. After my condition got so bad I got an attorney in 2010. I’m still getting chiropractic treatments every two weeks and am in chronic pain. My attorney tells me I should get a job and I won’t get any settlement.

    I should not have said anything because I lost my job after 13 years due to the permanent restrictions the workers comp doctor put me on. My advise is to keep your mouth shut and do your job.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have tried to get her to finalize my case. I was told $15,000 is what I can get but not until after I go to work. I asked why. She said I need to bring down my expenditures. I really don’t know what that means and when I ask her she is unclear. I have made an appointment with a lawyer. Thanks.

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