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“Pro Bono” Personal Injury Lawyer for Assault Case?

Submitted By: Roshondra (Kenosha, Wisconsin)

My nephew was beaten by a group of boys from his high school. He was riding his bike to his mom’s house (my sister, he lives with his dad right now) trying to go help his brothers put signs up for a singing performance they were having.

As he was close to his mother’s house a group of boys pulled him off his bike without him knowing. They came up behind him they kicked and punched him. I don’t know if they had a weapon but he has a gash in the back of his head. They kicked and punched him all over his body and head. His face was swollen, and he had stomach and leg injuries.

His brothers saw it at the last minute while the guys were still beating on him. His brothers ran to save him. When his brothers got over there they stopped beating him. He blacked out and lost some of his memory. His brothers had to get him to the hospital.

The doctors had to staple the back of his head and his body still hurts, he has to take pain killers. If he stays up too long he gets tired and dizzy.

The boys that beat him are hiding now. The police did a report and they sent letters to the high school in Kenosha, Wisconsin. My sister has a court date. She says she can’t afford a personal injury lawyer, but her family thinks she should find one anyway.

My nephew’s injuries are serious and if he would’ve stayed in the street longer getting beat up, and if his brothers didn’t see what was going on, he probably would be dead now.

These boys cannot get away with this, they must face the consequences. Can my sister get a pro bono lawyer for him or low cost lawyer for low income families? Thank you for any help you can give.

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Dear Roshondra,

Your sister can retain a personal injury lawyer to represent her son. The way personal injury lawyers work is on a contingency basis. This means your sister will not have to pay the lawyer anything in advance.

The lawyer only is paid when she either settles your nephew’s case or wins the case after trial.

When the case is settled or won at trial the attorney only receives either 33.3% or 40% of the total settlement. Your sister will receive the balance in trust for her son.

Make sure your sister gets a copy of the police report. The personal injury lawyer will need that to support the case.

If your nephew was assaulted on school grounds the school may also be liable for your nephew’s injuries.

Under Wisconsin law if the boys who assaulted your nephew were minors at the time of the assault their parents are legally and financially responsible for their actions.

What happened to your nephew is terrible.

Your sister should pursue the case. The case against the boys, their parents, and possibly the school seems quite strong.

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  1. Jason says:

    A man broke into my house and beat me. My girlfriend called 911 twice but she hung up when the man threatened her and no police came. Then two days later the man called me up and said here is $500, take it and don’t get the police involved or I will harm your family. Then the local cops showed up two weeks later and said if I press charges that I would be arrested. But now I’m going for back surgery.

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