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Robbed at Gunpoint While Working, Then Fired 3 Days Later…

Submitted By: Farie (Knoxville, TN)

I was managing a retail store and working alone. I was robbed at gunpoint at 9am on a Friday morning. I was suspended then fired on the following Monday.

Since then I have trouble sleeping and this entire situation is in my mind constantly.

There was a company policy to only keep $50 dollars in the register at all times, but in this business it’s impossible to do every second of every minute of every day. The robber got a total of $115 dollars which really isn’t that much money.

I had been working for this company for 3 years and managing the whole time. I worked hard and ran profitable locations for them.

I think I need to maybe take this to a doctor for evaluation. I’m having psychological issues because of this and I need some real advice. Is there anything I can do?

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Dear Farie,

The robbery no doubt was traumatizing for you. You are wise to seek a psychological or psychiatric evaluation. Whether or not doing so will later benefit you in a claim against the store owners is difficult to tell. At this point that shouldn’t matter. Anyone who has a gun pointed at them suffers some form of trauma.

If you seek psychological or psychiatric help and the doctor(s) determine you have trauma such as post-traumatic stress disorder you may have a clam against the store’s owners. That claim may include reimbursement for your medical or psychological bills as well as possible reimbursement for the wages you are now losing, until such time as you are able to find another job.

If you don’t want to pursue that route you can consider a claim for wrongful termination of your employment.

To be successful there you would have to be able to show the store had a process for appealing a termination and that the company which owned your store failed to follow that policy.

Learn more here: Workers' Comp After Getting Robbed

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