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Slipped and fell getting out of the shower in a hotel…

Submitted By: William (Oklahoma City, OK)

I was taking a shower in a hotel and when I went to get out I felt myself slipping back. I did not have anything to grab to stabilize myself and fell backwards. My wife tried to help me up, but I’m a pretty big guy and had to call the front desk for help.

We were checking out that day, but did not go to the hospital. I had a little soreness at the time, but took some aspirin and felt okay. But now my knee is swollen and I have back pain in that area. I’m worried I might have more serious injuries. Is there anything I should do?

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Dear William,


Get to either the nearest hospital emergency room or local medical clinic. The doctors there may order an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) examination, or a CAT Scan (Computer Axial Tomography) examination.

If you tore any tendons or ligaments in your legs or knee, herniated a disk in your back, or tore some of the meniscus muscles in your knees, the MRI should pick that information up very precisely. If you damaged any of your internal organs the CAT Scan would also be able to show the doctors with great clarity any injury you may have suffered therein.

Be sure when visiting with your doctors that you ask for copies of all of your medical records. That should include the doctor’s chart, and the diagnosis and prognosis related to your injuries.

If your injuries are serious and will require treatment then the next step will be to contact the hotel manager. When you do remind her of your injury. If the hotel staff assisted you when you were injured they should have a record of it.

Tell her that sometime after you left the hotel your knee swelled up and your back began to hurt. That’s perfectly normal in similar injuries. It almost always takes time for the blood to rush into the damaged area of the body to begin the repair process. When the blood rushes in the swelling begins. Additionally the blood vessels and capillaries may have also been broken in your knee area. That would also cause the blood to pool.

Hopefully the hotel manger will cooperate and do the right thing. The “right thing” would be for her to put you in contact with their insurance company so you can secure adequate compensation for your injuries and resulting pain and suffering.

If you don’t receive cooperation from the hotel manager you may have to consider legal action.

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