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Sucker Punched at a Bar…

Submitted By: Mark (Broad Brook, CT)

I was at a bar with a couple friends, a bar I have been to probably 50 times right down the street from my apt.

A kid for some reason starting talk to one of my friends and I as we were minding our own business.

He started saying some messed up things about what was going on in the bar.

I did tell him to back off a few times.

He later came back and bought my buddy a beer and said he was sorry and turned to me and said i got nothing for you.

Again provoking some sort of argument.

When my buddy and I were leaving (walking out the door) the kid was there.

I do not remember anything from that point.

I remember my buddy holding me and asking if I was ok and the two bouncers telling me the kid ran out the door and is gone and I did nothing wrong.

All the bartenders that I know well from being there came over to make sure I was ok.

I had a chipped tooth and bruised jaw for about a week now.

I just went back into the bar tonight to get a drink after work and the owner came over to me, introduced himself for the first time and said I am told you are the one that had an altercation in here last week.

He said the guy that hit me came in the next day, said he was sorry to the owner, and the owner said he knows him from being in here and is a very quiet guy.

He said he talked to a couple people that were there and one person including the kid that hit me said I provoked him to him me.

The bartenders said to me that night that was not the case at all and he came, got in my face at the door, said a few words and sucker punched me as my buddy tried to get us to leave.

The owner told me he needs me to stay away from his bar for at least 30 days.

I did nothing wrong, I have spent a lot of money at this place over the last 8 months and he offers me nothing but get out of my bar?

Do I have a case for them letting something like this happen to me without any type of apology or anything? Is there anything I can do? Thanks.

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Dear Mark,

The problem we often see with bar fights is the ingestion of alcohol by either the “punchee,” or the “puncher”. Often times one or the other will say “Well I only had one or two beers. I was definitely not drunk or intoxicated”. The other guy seems always to say the same thing.

It really doesn’t matter whether you or the other fellow had one drink or 100.

Once a person ingests any drug, including alcohol, into their body their credibility becomes immediately suspect.

It really doesn’t matter if you spent $1000 or $10,000 dollars in the bar.

The owner has an absolute legal right to expel you for 30 days, or if he chooses, permanently.

In the State of Connecticut, as in all other states, there aren’t any laws requiring a bar owner to apologize to a patron for any reason.

The best thing you can do is cool off.

The bartender seems to be a pretty smart guy. He also seems to want you to have a “cooling off” period. That’s probably a good idea for all concerned.

Learn more here: Liability in Bar Fights

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