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Tip of Finger Cut Off at Work…

Submitted By: Tim (Providence)

I had the tip of my dominant hand’s middle finger cut off in a door slamming incident at work. I chose to return to work though I was given a doctor’s note saying not to return for two weeks. I spoke with my workers comp representative one time, two weeks following the incident and have not heard from him since. Everyone I’ve spoken with has communicated to me that I should be receiving a settlement for permanent loss/damage.

I was able to work, since I work at a school, but was not able to perform most tasks since the injury occurred on my dominant hand. Also, I was unable to participate in any of the regular activities I participated in prior, including but not limited to: gym workouts, running, softball and playing the guitar.

Should I expect a compensation settlement for permanent loss or alteration? Why is the workers comp representative not contacting me?

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Dear Tim,

From the facts you present it appears you spoke with your Workmans Compensation provider about 2 weeks after the incident. Since that time you have not had further contact. A two week time period between communications with an injured employee and a Workmans Compensation Insurance Claims Adjuster is not unusual.

You made reference to a “door slamming” incident. Before deciding to pay any amount to you, your adjuster must go through a thorough investigation of the facts which precipitated your injury.

Though apparently injured during working hours, it appears there is a chance the injury may not have been work-related. In most cases injuries occurring during work hours are covered by Workmans Compensation insurance. There are though, some incidents which may not be covered, or if covered may not be compensated fully.

If after investigating the incident the Claims Adjuster decides your injury was not work-related, your claim may be denied or marginalized. If this occurs you may be offered little or nothing in a settlement amount. If you are concerned about your claim you would be well-served to seek the counsel and advice of a Workmans Compensation Personal Injury Attorney. Most will not charge any fee for an initial office consultation.

Once you have a better understanding of your rights, and the duties and obligations of your employer, you will be able to take whatever action necessary to preserve your claim.

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