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Uterus Attached to Abdominal Scarring…

Submitted By: Anonymous (Massachusetts)

I had my second c-section in 2010 and have been having pain around my scar ever since.

At first it was just tender when touched but now it hurts pretty consistently.

It hurts almost all of the time because my pants rest on that area.

The pain was bothering me so much the other day when I was simply driving, that I was trying not to double over in pain.

The pain also makes sexual intercourse almost impossible.

I went to my OBGYN to have it checked out and she said that my uterus adhered to my c-section scar.

She didn’t seem alarmed at all but basically told me that there was nothing that could be done.

She explained that I would need to have surgery to detach the uterus from the scar tissue but that could in turn cause more problems.

Is this a normal complication from a c-section?

Am I just supposed to deal with this pain for the rest of my life?

I guess I am just trying to find out if this would actually be considered a medical malpractice or just something that happens normally.

I am unsure of whether or not my uterus adhered to the tissue on it’s own or if it was sewed to the abdominal scarring. What can I do? Thank you.

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Dear Anonymous,

Unfortunately we aren’t qualified to render medical advice. Whether your uterus needs to be detached from the scar tissue is a question only a qualified surgeon can answer.

It may very well have been malpractice. You won’t know until you seek at least one other medical opinion from a qualified gynecologist. When it comes to a medical malpractice claim you have somewhat of a duty to mitigate your damages. In other words, if you are in pain you must seek the opinions of other qualified physicians.

Additionally, if you think intercourse is worsening your condition you should probably abstain from sex until you receive additional medical attention.

Although not qualified to render medical opinions we can say no one should have to live their lives in daily pain. Hopefully there is some medical relief for you out there. Continue to seek medical care. There must be some medical means by which your pain can be relieved.

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