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Who gets the insurance check for my medical bills?

Submitted By: Brian (Owensboro, KY)

I had a motorcycle wreck and had to be hospitalized. I racked up a $10,000 medical bill. I didn’t call my insurance company and report the claim, the hospital did.

I’m just wondering how my insurance company will make the payment? Will they send a payment to the hospital, or will they send me the check?

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Dear Brian,

In most cases when an injured patient gives the hospital the name of the insurance company responsible for paying the patient’s medical bills, the insurance company, in an effort to make sure the hospital will be paid, will send the check directly to the patient but with the check made payable to the patient (you) and the hospital.

This method of payment has been in place for many years. Before, insurance companies would make the checks payable only to its insured (the patient), presuming the insured would be honorable and use the money for the purpose intended; that is to pay the hospitals.

Some did, while others did not. This prompted many hospitals to refuse to accept certain insurance unless the insurance companies changed their policies and made the insurance checks payable to the patient/insured, AND the hospital.

Once that happened the only way the insured/patient would be able to cut out the hospital would be to forge the hospital’s name on the check. Those who attempted to do so were often arrested and charged with the felony offense of Forgery.

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3 thoughts on “Who gets the insurance check for my medical bills?

  1. Anonymous says:

    If you had a attorney they will cut him a check for the total amount. then he will call you in the office and cut you a check after he take his fees and your medical costs. Your attorney would pay the hospital bills and medical bills. That’s why they usually send you to their providers.

  2. EJ says:

    Hi JD. I wanted to know how your case turned out as your case is similar to mine. I was seriously injured. The other party’s insurance already accepted fault but the insurance company wanted to pay out to the hospital and not me. I already said “No,” but that I would I proceed. Let me know how yours turned out. Thank you

  3. jd says:

    I was involved in a motorcycle accident, where the other party pulled out and side swiped me. They have already admitted fault. The insurance company wants to deal with the hospital. I told them NO. Deal directly with me and pay me.

    I have already negotiated with the hospital and they will settle with me. I’m wondering what protection I have that the insurance company will not go behind my back and pay the hospital. I have not signed anything with them, no hipaa release, etc.

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