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Will homeowners insurance cover time lost from work?

Submitted By: Kevin (McDonough, GA)

I was visiting my girlfriend’s grandmother and my truck rolled down a hill and pinned me between her van and my truck. Her homeowner’s insurance company said they would cover my hospital bills, but I’ve also lost a week from work.

So I was wondering if the homeowner’s insurance would also pay for the time I missed from work?

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Dear Kevin,

That’s a good question.

The answer is probably not.

Here’s why…

Homeowners Insurance policies come in basically 2 parts. The first is coverage for the “medical bills” a non-resident suffers. And that suffering must have occurred without the negligence of the policy holder (your girlfriend’s grandmother) .

That would be someone like you who was injured on the policy holder’s property, but your injuries were not a result of the homeowner’s negligence. You were the owner of the truck and you were responsible for its rolling down and pinning you.

Now let’s say the policy owner (your girlfriend’s grandmother) decided on her own to move the truck and she forgot to put it in park, and as a result the truck rolled down and pinned you.

That’s where the 2nd type of coverage would take effect. That is called the “liability” section of her policy.

1st Part – Medical Payments to people who do not reside on the policy holder’s property (you). And the homeowner didn’t cause the injury or the events which precipitated the injury.

2nd Part – Liability

pays for injuries suffered by people who don’t reside on the property and who aren’t the policy holder (your girlfriend’s grandmother). But the injuries to a 3rd party (you) were as a result of the negligent actions of the policy-holder or one of the residents on her property.

If your grandmother’s actions caused your injuries you would probably be entitled to recover for your lost wages. That would be just like any other personal injury case. To be sure though, one would have to read the homeowners insurance policy very closely to make sure lost wages aren’t excluded.

In any event, it appears you are out of luck on this one.

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  1. Julia C says:

    What a great answer! I have been wondering the same thing. You really helped me with your answer. I like that you not only gave an answer, but explained it very well.

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