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Wrongful discharge from a pain management clinic?

Submitted By: Wes (Alabama)

I was being treated by a pain management doctor at a clinic. The office called one afternoon and told me to be in their office the next day or I would be discharged. My scheduled appointment was for one week later, and they knew I would be unable to go because of my inability to receive transportation on such short notice.

They told me my workers comp insurance company was responsible for getting me there, which they were not. I’m wondering if I can sue my pain management doctor for wrongful discharge? They falsely assumed workers comp would transport me, and I had no other way of getting there. Thanks.

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Dear Wes,

Unfortunately you don’t have a credible medical wrongful discharge claim against the clinic. You will need to find another medical clinic and notify your workers compensation insurance company of the change. They may conduct an inquiry with the clinic who discharged you wrongfully to see if there was wrongdoing.

If the workers compensation insurance company determines one of the medical providers in their system is acting improperly toward patients, workers compensation may choose to delete that clinic from their list. This will come after a thorough investigation of the clinic’s practices and procedures toward its patients, especially those patients covered under the same workers compensation insurance. Unfortunately this would not immediately inure to your benefit.

You can always consult with a personal injury attorney about your claim of wrongful discharge. Bring copies of all your medical records, including the dates of the original appointment you had which was changed by the clinic. Unfortunately they may advise you similarly. Most personal injury attorneys don’t charge for initial office consultations.

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2 thoughts on “Wrongful discharge from a pain management clinic?

  1. Shameka says:

    Hi. I was being seen at a pain management clinic. I was recently discharged due to a urine test being dirty. I was told that you get two chances in the year to fail the drug test.

    This was only my first failed test but I got discharged anyway, after I complied with everything else they told me I had to do. What can I do about this?

  2. Shirley says:

    I was wrongfully discharged from my pain management doctor. They said it was for my narcotic meds, because the medication wasn’t showing in my urine test. They left me without my scripts or further treatment.

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