Product Liability Claims and Lawsuits: Your Guide to Injury Compensation

Americans are injured every day by defective products and foods. Here’s what you need to know to seek compensation for injuries caused by dangerous products.

Defective and dangerous products come in all shapes and sizes. Almost any product has the potential to cause harm if there’s something wrong with it.

When a manufacturer or food distributor does something wrong or fails to do what they are supposed to do, they can be held liable, meaning responsible, for the harm they’ve caused.

Getting the financial compensation you deserve for a harmful product starts with building a strong product liability case.

Here’s where you can learn what makes a strong case, who can help you, and all your options for pursuing compensation.

DIY Product Liability Injury Claims

If you’ve completely recovered from relatively mild injuries, you might decide to handle your product liability claim on your own.

Remember, at any point in the negotiation process you still have the right to consult a personal injury attorney about the best way to proceed with your case.

Here we give you tips and tools for settling your injury claim directly with the manufacturer’s insurance company.

How to Establish a Product Liability Case for Injuries
Here’s what you need to know to build a strong product liability case when a defective product harms you or your family. Get fair compensation for your injuries.

Sample Notification Letter
A notification letter places the at-fault manufacturer on formal notice you’ve been injured by their product, and you are pursuing compensation for your losses.

Calculating a Fair Amount of Compensation  
How to figure out the value of your claim, including your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Sample Demand Letter
Look like a pro with a written demand for financial compensation that explains how much you want and why you deserve it.

10 Tips for Negotiating Compensation in a Defective Product Claim
You can recover losses caused by defective product injuries. Use these tips for negotiating compensation from the product manufacturer.

7 Tips to Negotiate Higher Injury Compensation in a Product Liability Case 
Increase your compensation for a defective product claim. Learn how to negotiate higher payment for your inconvenience and emotional distress.

Injuries from Foods or Personal Care Products

We expect the foods we eat and the products we use on our hair and skin to be safe. State and federal regulations are meant to protect us from food poisoning and other injuries. Yet, millions of people are harmed every year.

If bad food or personal care products have harmed you, you’re entitled to seek compensation for your damages.

Food Poisoning and Foreign Objects Compensation
Whether you broke a tooth or became ill from something in your food, we unpack your right to seek compensation for your foodborne injuries.

Restaurant Food Poisoning Liability
Tainted restaurant foods sicken and kill thousands of Americans every year. Here’s what you need to know about compensation for food poisoning.

Restaurant Liability for Injuries
Whether you broke your arm slipping on spilled salsa or were hospitalized from food poisoning, the restaurant may be liable for your injuries.

Beauty and Personal Care Product Injuries
Here’s what you need to know to seek compensation from the manufacturer or retailer of dangerous personal care and beauty products.

Injured at a Beauty Salon? Get Compensation
If beauty salon negligence has left you burned, scarred, or suffering from an infection, here’s how to get the compensation you deserve.

Injuries Caused by Toxins or Medications

If you or a loved one have suffered severe or fatal illness or injuries from medication side effects or exposure to toxic substances, you are entitled to compensation for your medical costs and terrible pain and suffering.

Dangerous Drug Lawsuits: How to Pursue Compensation
Serious drug side effects may entitle you to financial compensation. Here’s where we unpack what you need to know about bad drug claims and lawsuits.

Asbestos Injuries: Compensation for Mesothelioma
Victims of mesothelioma are entitled to compensation. Here’s where we unpack compensation sources for asbestos injury victims and families.

Fatal Medical Errors: Hospital Wrongful Death Claims
Here’s what you need to know about hospital wrongful death claims. If a loved one died in a hospital due to negligence, you may have a right to compensation.

What a Personal Injury Class Action Can Do For You
Learn why personal injury class actions can be the best, and sometimes the only way to make negligent corporations pay fair compensation to their victims.

Defective Products that Harm Children

A severely injured child is a parent’s worst nightmare. If defective products have hurt your child at home, school, or play, the at-fault party should pay. Here’s what parents need to know.

Dangerous Toy Injuries: Tips for Parents
How parents can establish liability and seek financial compensation from the manufacturer when their child is injured by a dangerous toy.

Injuries Caused by Dangerous Furniture
Families are devastated by injuries and deaths from dangerous furniture. Here’s where we look at furniture injuries, and who should pay for your damages.

Playground Accidents Caused by Broken Equipment
Get the compensation your child deserves for injuries caused by broken or defective playground equipment. Learn how to prove liability and build a strong claim.

How to Choose Safe Toys for Children
Whether you’re a seasoned parent or buying a gift for a co-worker’s baby shower, here’s what you need to know to choose fun and safe toys for children.

Serious Injuries from Everyday Objects

We rely on dozens of everyday objects to make our life easier and more comfortable. When commonly used items suddenly fail, people get hurt. Learn more about manufacturer liability for dangerous products.

Injuries Caused by Defective Footwear
Here’s how to seek fair compensation when you or your child have been hurt by dangerous shoes, boots, or other defective footwear.

Claims for Household Appliance Accidents
If you’ve been injured by a home appliance accident, you may be eligible for compensation from the manufacturer. Here’s what you need to know.

Power Tool Injuries at Work and Home
When you’ve been injured by a defective power tool at home or at work, you have the right to seek compensation from the manufacturer.

Chair Accidents at Restaurants and Other Businesses
Get the compensation you deserve for injuries caused by a broken or defective chair. Here’s what you need to know to build a strong chair injury claim.

Injuries Caused by Dangerous Furniture
Families are devastated by injuries and deaths from dangerous furniture. Here’s where we look at furniture injuries, and who should pay for your damages.

Injuries Caused by Fitness Equipment
When you’re hurt by gym machines or home exercise equipment, you may be able to seek compensation from the fitness equipment manufacturer.

Defective Car Parts: Building an Injury Claim
Here’s what you need to know about faulty car parts and accessories, injury claims, and how to get compensation from the vehicle manufacturer.


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