Injured at Work? Protect Your Rights and Increase Your Workers’ Comp Payout

Everything you need to know about getting workers’ comp benefits, increasing your compensation, and dealing with your employer’s insurance company.

Millions of American workers are injured or killed on the job every year. Thankfully, most of them are covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

Workers’ compensation pays for an injured worker’s medical treatment and a portion of their lost wages.

State laws require most employers to maintain workers’ comp insurance coverage for on-the-job injuries and occupational illness.

Workers’ comp is a no-fault system, designed to provide benefits to employees while protecting employers from lawsuits.

The compensation process is streamlined by avoiding the court system and the need to prove fault. The trade-offs are the injured worker gives up the right to sue their employer, won’t receive full lost wages, and can’t get compensated for their pain and suffering.

If you’ve been injured at work, you deserve the maximum amount of compensation. Unfortunately, there are many pitfalls to avoid when filing a workers’ comp claim.

We’ll help you get through the claim process, show you how to protect your rights, and give options for pursuing compensation outside the workers’ comp system.

Your first concern after a workplace injury should be your health and well-being. Always get medical treatment as soon as possible after an injury.

But it’s hard to focus on your recovery when you’re worried about how you’re going to pay the bills when you can’t work.

Information is a powerful tool in the world of insurance claims and litigation. The pages listed below give you the tools to maximize your compensation and stay a step ahead of the insurance company.

Don’t let your employer or the workers’ comp insurance company limit your benefits or deny your injury claim.

What (or Who) Caused Your Workplace Injury?

Anyone can be hurt on the job, but some workplaces are riskier than others. Here’s what you need to know, and what to do about it.

Most Common Work Injuries: Prevention and Compensation
A look at the most common on-the-job injuries, prevention recommendations, and employee tips for filing a successful workers’ compensation claim.

What Happens If You Crash the Company Car?
Wondering who pays when an employee crashes a company vehicle? Here’s what you need to know about liability for car accidents at work, vehicle insurance, and workers’ compensation.

How to Get Compensation for a Slip and Fall at Work
One out of four workplace injuries is the result of a slip and fall accident. Here’s how to get the compensation you deserve after being injured in a fall at work.

Injury Compensation for Workplace Forklift Accidents
Here’s how to get full compensation for a forklift injury at work. If you or a loved one has been hit by a forklift or involved in a heavy equipment accident, this guide can help.

How to Seek Compensation After an Assault at Work
Workplace violence is a possible danger, no matter where you work. Here’s how to pursue financial compensation if you’re the victim of an assault at work.

Getting Workers’ Comp If You Were Robbed at Work
Were you the victim of a crime or robbery at work? Here’s what you need to know about qualifying for workers’ comp, even if you weren’t physically injured.

What To Do if You’re Injured By a Negligent Coworker
When you’re injured because of a negligent coworker, you may be entitled to more than workers’ comp. Here’s how to get the compensation you deserve.

Complaints and Compensation for Unsafe Working Conditions
Learn how to report unsafe working conditions to OSHA and how to get the compensation you deserve if you’re hurt on the job.

Where to Get Compensation for Work Injuries from Faulty Equipment
You deserve compensation for work injuries from faulty equipment. Find out how you might be eligible for compensation outside of worker’s comp.

How to Handle Different Types of Injury Claims

You may have the best boss in the world, but your employer’s insurance company is not your friend. See how to handle your specific type of injury to be sure you get the restitution you deserve.

Compensation for Back Injuries at Work
Here’s how to get paid for back injuries at work. Learn the right way to file your workers’ comp back injury claim and what to expect from the insurance company.

Compensation for an Ankle or Knee Injury at Work
What you need to know to get the workers’ comp benefits you deserve for workplace knee and ankle injuries.

Workplace Amputations to Fingers and Other Body Parts
Find out your compensation options in addition to workers’ comp benefits for losing a finger or other body part at work.

How to Maximize Work Concussion and Head Injury Claims
Learn how to increase your workers’ comp head injury claim and get the full compensation you deserve.

Injury Compensation When You’ve Been Burned at Work
What you should know about worker’s compensation benefits when you’ve suffered burn injuries at work.

Pursuing Workers’ Comp for Carpal Tunnel Injuries 
How to file a successful worker’s compensation claim if you’re one of the millions of workers suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Financial Compensation for Eye Injuries at Work
Get compensation for eye injuries at work that left you with temporary or permanent vision loss. Find out your options in addition to workers’ comp.

Protect Your Rights After a Work Injury

Workers’ compensation insurance companies are in business to make money, not to make large payouts to injured claimants like you. Avoid the tricks the insurance company will use to reduce your compensation.

The Truth About Workers’ Comp Doctors and Independent Medical Exams
Nervous about having an independent medical exam? You should be. Learn how insurance company doctors can make or break your workers’ compensation claim.

Can You Get Workers’ Comp Even With a Pre-Existing Condition?
Yes, you can get workers’ compensation benefits for injuries, even with a pre-existing condition. Here’s what the insurance companies won’t tell you.

Getting a Fair Workers’ Comp Settlement for Permanent Partial Disability
Find out if your workers’ comp injury qualifies for a permanent partial disability settlement, and why the insurance company will fight to keep you from getting it.

Do Off-the-Clock Work-Related Injuries Qualify for Workers’ Compensation?
Find out how your work-related injury can qualify for workers’ compensation benefits even when you’re off-the-clock.

What to Know Before Returning to Work After an Injury
Here’s what you need to know about work restrictions, wage compensation, and more if you’re forced to return to work after an on-the-job injury.

Can You Be Fired from Work After an On-the-Job Injury?
On-the-job injuries can be life-changing. Learn when employers can and cannot legally fire you after a work-related injury, and what you can do about it.

All About Federal Workers’ Comp Benefits
Maximize your compensation under the Federal Workers’ Compensation Act if you or a family member have been injured while working as a federal employee.

Take Legal Action for Maximum Compensation

Unfortunately, many employees run into problems filing their workers’ comp claims or have trouble with their employers. Here’s what to do if you run into problems with your claim, and how to pursue compensation outside of the workers’ comp system.

Denied Workers’ Compensation? What to Do When Workers’ Comp Won’t Pay
Here’s what you can do now if your workers’ compensation claim is denied, or workers’ comp won’t pay the full medical and wage replacement benefits you’re entitled to.

Suing Your Employer for Work Injuries
Employees are usually stuck with workers’ compensation to pay their work injury claims, but not always. Here’s when workers are legally justified in filing a lawsuit against their employer.

When to File a Third-Party Lawsuit in Addition to a Work Accident Claim
Workers’ compensation won’t cover all your wages, pain and suffering. Learn how filing a third-party lawsuit in addition to a work accident claim will get you the most money.

Personal Injury at Work: When to File an Employer Liability Insurance Claim
Before filing your claim, learn the difference between Employer Liability Insurance and Workers’ Comp Insurance to get the most compensation for your work-related injury.


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